I give glory to God for seeing this awesome day that we have planned for months, prayed for months and fasted for two months for the success of this worthy event.

It is not by accident that we have all gathered here! The Lord has destined that we would all be here today to answer a call for the duty ahead. With prayer and steadfast commitment to Gods work, we are where we are today by His grace and that is why we are all gathered today!

My name is Engr. Tony J. Nakale, I was the consultant of the ECWA Television Ministry for over two years, then I was later announced the General Manager of the ECWA TV in 2018. The appointment took my mind back to what ECWA Stands for and its set core values and what the then ECWA Television Ministry Committees Secretary (Rev. Stephen Baba Panya) would always say “Let us do what the Lord would be happy with us”. I am summarizing my speech here, as every other detail is found in the 2019 ECWA TV Magazine

ECWA took the right step in the right direction to preach the gospel in a trend that demands a whole lot from everyone and we must move to forge ahead regardless of the encounters ahead, we would use the ECWA broadcast ministry (ECWA TV AFRICA) as a preaching technique to spread Gods love to the universe as this medium makes it possible to reach a much wider audience than many other forms of media can capture and I am glad to have all of you gather here to witness the breaking forth of ETV Africa from ECWA TV Nigeria.

The ECWA Broadcast ministry (ECWA Television Africa) has so immeasurably urbanized from the period it was set to start being a blessing to nations on the 2nd of June 2018 till date and we would not relent in doing Gods will and seeking His face in the place of prayer as we stride day by day.

As we flip to the next page, we would find in brief the rationale behind the support we seek today and the reason for nominating awardees and the ambassadors that would join us in this journey


Revelation 22:12 largely inspired us to fire up The ECWA TV Africa 2019 Award of excellence. Revelation 22:12 “And behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give everyman according as his work shall be”

Therefore, giving awards is an act of God even as it concerns the activities or works of men. For us in ECWA Television, giving honor to whom it is due deserves an applause, giving that to whom much is given, a lot more is expected.

While awards are usually accompanied with honorarium, a citation and an inscribed plague for specific categories, we in ECWA Television look at our award giving event as the result or prize of hard work which is more work until when Jesus comes to give out the ultimate prize or award to those who have served him through their substance and talents that he has bestowed on them.

That awards have become symbols of achievements do not necessarily translate to having “arrived” but it shows that the recipient is now a leader and a light attracting attention to the gospel of Christ.

Our ECWA TV ambassadors are capable men who have the passion to see the gospel always in motion. ECWA TV awards you today so you would be at the frontage in creating awareness for the station to people of your competence. As an ambassador, you are a representative and a lifetime stakeholder of the station until you desire otherwise, a general stakeholders meeting would hold once every year to discuss projects and how to forge ahead with our set goals and targets.


EVANGEL ARTS is an umbrella that shelters our Music, Drama, Films, Comedy and Spoken Words artists in ECWA all over the world. We believe beyond a doubt that if we are given the necessary support, EVANGEL ARTS Will be one of the primary source of the ECWA TV income and we intend to do that based on the platform that the ECWA TV will give the artists to vehicle their Gods given talents to the world and in return all their efforts would glorify God first, then become a content to the Television Ministry

  1. EVANGEL RECORDS of ECWA TV Africa will deal with the signing, recording and promoting of our musical artists in ECWA
  2. EVANGEL DRAMA AND FILMS will deal with our actors at the level of films and drama plays in ECWA
  3. EVANGEL WORDS AND COMIC will encourage our comedians and poets plus give rise to new and upcoming comedians and poets in ECWA


  1. 30KVA Generator N4,000,000.00
  2. Industrial Power Inverter N5,000,000.00
  3. Monthly Electricity consumption (JED) N75,000.00
  4. State of the Art Sound Equipment/Musical Instruments to power outdoor events at any level N18,000,000.00
  5. Standard Video Production equipment for outdoor Shoots N20,000,000.00
  6. Outside Broadcasting Van (Locally Integrated) N27,000,000.00
  7. Other satellite Platforms to reach more N100,000,000.00
  8. 3 Utility Vehicles N10,000,000.00
  9. Master Control Redundancy N10,000,000.00
  10. Production of new Programmes N20,000,000.00
  11. 2 Trucks for moving Audio/Video equipment N15,000,000.00


I look forward to the 2020 ECWA TV Awards in Abuja where by the grace of God the whole country would gather as a witness to what God is doing in ECWA

Finally, I thank the ECWA Executive for the untiring support, ECWA TV prayer line counsellors, my wife and children who see me once in a long while, the entire staff of ECWA TV Africa for the effort they put in making sure all the Ideas birthed come to life, Evangel Arts family, DCC officials, all ECWA TV supporters, prayer partners and ECWA members worldwide, and all ECWA Headquarters staff.

God bless ECWA, God bless ECWA TV, God bless us all.

Engr. Tony J. Nakale SBE

General Manager ECWA TV Africa